Elliot's QR Codes help your customers checkout within seconds using scannable barcodes that are linked to your product campaign. These can be used both in-store and online.

To create a QR Code Campaign: 

  1. Select an existing product from the Catalog page. 
  2. Note, you must select an existing product as the default campaign for all products are Buy Now buttons. 
  3. Once selected, choose the View Campaigns option and open the Add Campaign portion. 
  4. Enter all of the relative campaign information, ensuring to select "QR Code" from the Campaign Type dropdown. 
  5. If you would like to utilize the QR Code in-store and assist in easy, convenient and fast self-checkout experiences, select the  box asking if you "Would like to use this QR Code in-store." 
  6. Add the social media channel you would like to use the campaign for, if any. 
  7. Generate and Preview your campaign. 
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