Elliot's Buy Now campaigns help your customers checkout within seconds with a one tap purchase experience. Provide your customers the options to skip the line in physical store locations, or easily shop and ship product anywhere in the world. 

To create a Buy Now Button Campaign: 

  1. Select an existing product from the Catalog page, or create a new product. 
  2. Note,  if you already have an existing product, you have already created a Buy Now campaign, as this is the default for all new products. Continue following the prompts to create a new campaign for an existing product, or, create a new product and continue through these steps.
  3. Once selected, choose the View Campaigns option and open the Add Campaign portion. 
  4. Enter all of the relative campaign information, ensuring to select "Buy Now" from the Campaign Type dropdown. 
  5. Add the social media channel you would like to use the campaign for, if any. 
  6. Generate and Preview your campaign. 
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