Add-ons allow you to apply additional functionality to your store. Add-ons also bill at the first of every month and can be viewed in the respective Invoice.

  1. While in your Elliot Wallet, you have the option to add on services to heighten the shopper experience, as well as amplify shopper data in your dashboard. 
  2. From your wallet, select View Add-ons
  3. Select which add-on you would like to use:

Locations: Select locations if you would like to customize multiple locations for a shipping origin. Ideal for brands that have multiple store locations and/or points of distribution. This will help to provide the best shipping rates for both your brand and your customers, ensure timely delivery and accuracy in the customer experience and customer currencies.

Ensure the green check is marked, then click Confirm Monthly Add-on. Note, you will be billed for this add-on monthly unless you deselect this add-on in your Elliot wallet. 

Self-Checkout: Add a self-checkout to a QR Code campaign if you would like to utilize your QR Code in-store. This will help expedite the checkout experience in-store, allowing your customers to immerse themselves into the brand experience, shop and totally skip the line with Elliot. To implement this feature, check the box "Would you like to use this QR code in-store with self-checkout?" when selecting the QR Code Campaign on your product.

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