Refilling your wallet is easy. After or before the initial welcome credits reach zero, add a payment method to your account to continue running product campaigns. 

How to add your payment method:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to the left menu bar. 
  2. Locate your wallet amount on the bottom left hand side (this may read $0.00 if you have not refilled your wallet yet).
  3. Click on the monetary value displayed.
  4. In the open window, click on the Add a Credit Card to Wallet.
  5. Add in the full credit card details.
  6. Click Add Card.
  7. Next, select the Default Payment Method if you have multiple cards on file. If you only have one, you will not be able to select another payment method. 
  8. Select Automatic Refill Wallet if you would like to refill your wallet on the first of each month. This helps to ensure that your campaigns are always active and ready for shoppers to checkout. (Note: Refills bill the total number of campaigns in your dashboard times ten cents).
  9. Before the final step, you can choose to apply Add-ons. Add-ons allow you to apply accessory functionality to your dashboard. Add-ons also bill at the first of every month. 
  10. Click Add Credits to Wallet. 
  11. Specify the credit amount you would like to add to your account or enter another amount. 
  12. Add a promo code if you have one on hand. 
  13. Submit your credits by clicking the Add to Wallet button. 

You are now ready to continue selling on Elliot!

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