Do you have an in-store popup shop? Do you need a simple way for customers to transact in-person?

Running a cashless point-of-sale allows you to do just that. You can grab QR Codes for any product that you upload to Elliot.

You can download QR Codes in your Admin by selecting:
1. Experiences
2. View All
3. Choose the Experience you want to download QR Codes for
4. Select Download QR Codes under the Experience title

You will receive an email from Elliot with a zip file containing all QR Codes for your Experience.

NOTE: downloading QR Codes can only be done in Bulk right now. As an alternative, if you have a lot of products in your Experience but only need to download 1 or a few QR Codes, you could create a new Experience and assign the few products you want to download to it. This will save you time.

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