Running your own marketplace can be a ton of work. We've compiled a list of guidelines to consider as you get up and running.

  • Vendor Terms: First, identify the terms you want to operate under with your vendors. This includes things like setting a return policy, knowing what product(s) you want to sell, setting commission rates, and so on. It's important to define those terms clearly so your vendors are on the same page with you.
  • Adding vendors: Right now, you are the one who adds vendors as users in your Elliot account (Settings > Users > Add Vendor). You'll be prompted to complete basic info about their business. Once you save changes, an email trigger is sent to the vendor to accept an invite from Elliot. 
  • Info needed from vendors: We recommend emailing all vendors you'd like in your marketplace at once, requesting that they send you the following- Business Name, Email, Business Address, Phone Number, Bio, and Logo. Make sure that the logo they send you is in PNG format, which makes it transparent. This will make it easier for you to manage.
  • Imagery: If you cannot photograph a vendor's product yourself, create simple guidelines that your vendor can follow. Think about staging of the photo. How much space is between the product and camera, how much natural light do you have around how a photo should be taken for that product. Do you want a studio shot, or a lifestyle shot, or both? Having these guidelines in place saves you time going back-and-forth.
  • Uploading products: If vendors are uploading products themselves, you want there to be uniformity with product titles, descriptions, and imagery order. For example, you might want the title format to be name of product - name of brand. For Descriptions, you don't want them to paste a blob of text with no layout to it. You also don't want the first product image to be a studio shot when it should be a lifestyle one. Decide what's important to you as an owner and reinforce these guidelines to your vendors. They'll catch up.
  • Stripe account: Make sure every vendor knows that the only way they can get paid is by connecting a Stripe account. If they already have one they can login and connect to Elliot (Settings > Payouts > Connect with Stripe). If they don't have an account, they can sign up here
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