Hey there! 

We are excited to invite you to the Elliot Look & Feel (L&F) Builder.

With the L&F Builder, you can adjust everything about your store to fit your brand, from the logo size and position, to exactly how you want your “add to cart” button to display. We give every seller the ability to build completely unique stores, while also giving you the ability to create unlimited stores. 

The L&F builder is set-up in three sections: General, Ecommerce, and Theme. 

General is where you can add your logo, key information about your company, and social media tags and pixels. You can also add custom CSS and Javascript snippets to your storefronts via the General section of the L&F builder.  

Ecommerce is where you can refine the product experience for your customers. You can adjust your cart as well as how products are listed at the homepage, product, and category level.  

Themes are where you can control the aesthetics of your Elliot store. You can adjust items like colors, your footer and header, menus, and typography. This gives you the ultimate flexibility for how your Elliot store will look.

First thing’s first, here are a few documents that will be helpful in building a Look & Feel that matches your brand:

  1. Changing your home page theme
  2. Adding Key Information about your brand including social profiles
  3. Changing your header and footers
  4. Adjusting your individual product pages and product summary pages

If you have any questions, please refer to the Elliot Look and Feel Builder documentation (insert link when the page is ready). We have broken up the articles by the three sections mentioned above for your ease of use. 

Want more customization? Take advantage of our Headless Commerce pack to use the open-source front end to fully customize your Elliot store. 

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