Elliot’s Shopify Scraper Tool (SST) will allow anyone to easily export their shop information and details, then import their entire store directly into Elliot. 

The SST is already mapped directly to the Elliot Import Tool, meaning once you follow these steps, there will be no need to reformat or remap the export that the scraper downloads to your desktop.

To run this process, you need to have Python 3 on your computer. Here are the steps to using Elliot’s Python Scraper:

Scraping your Shopify Store

  1. Add all of the products you want to be imported into Elliot to a Shopify collection named “Elliot”
  2. Go into the Terminal app on MacOS (Command.exe on Windows) and enter: python3 shopify.py --list-collections [website address of the Shopify store]
  3. Then inside of the terminal app enter: python3 shopify.py --csv --elliot-template -c Elliot [website address of the Shopify store]
  4. Type “ls” (l as in LISA and s as in SOUND) then press enter
  5. Immediately a file will generate within your desktop called “products.csv” 
  6. Update that name to “[Brand Name] Shopify CSV Import [Date]”

Importing Your Shopify Store Into Elliot

  1. Open the CSV and add a column between SKU (Column C) and Gender (Column D) columns, name that column “Download URL” and leave it blank
  2. Verify that the Base Price (Column Q) and Sales Price (Column R) columns are accurate
  3. Save the new file
  4. Navigate to your brand’s Elliot store
  5. From the admin panel, click on the “Products” link 
  6. Click “Import CSV” button and upload the CSV into Elliot

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