Having the ability to know where your customers are coming from is important for any eCommerce business. 

We have integrated directly with Google Tag Manager(GTM) to make sure that you can pull in all the information you need to know which marketing channels are the most important for your company.

Step One - Grab your Google Analytics Tracking ID

You will need to sign-up for Google Analytics. If you already have a login and have set-up a property for Google Analytics, all you will need is your tracking id. 

Here’s how to find the Google tracking ID for your website.

If you have not created a property within Google Analytics, here is how to create a new property, and subsequently how to create a tracking ID.

Step Two - Create a Google Tag that integrates your Google Analytics tracking ID

Here is a quick & easy video from the awesome team at Google on how to create Google Analytic tags inside of GTM. 

Step Three - Connect your Elliot Store and Google Tag Manager

  1. Find your Google Tag Manager ID by logging into GTM and locating your Container ID. It will be in the format of “GTM-XXXXXX”
  2. Open your Elliot admin panel, click “Settings”
  3. A panel will populate, with Basic and Advanced settings, click “Advanced” 
  4. A drop-down menu will appear, click on “Pixel Management”
  5. You will see various tabs, navigate to Google Tag Manager
  6. Input your Container ID from step #1 into the field and click “Save” in the top right of the admin panel.

Now you are all set-up and your Elliot store traffic will be measured in Google Analytics!

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