Should I include the cost of shipping within the price?

If you will be offering free shipping to your customers, we would recommend that you include the cost of shipping within the price.

What shipping services does Elliot use?

Elliot integrates with dozens of carriers around the world to bring you the best shipping rates and last-mile delivery, the best part is that your customers get the benefits of these relationships as well!!

I'm testing out a checkout out and keep getting a payment failed error

The failed order may be related to your shipping settings.

When free shipping is set, instead of charging the customer, the shipping cost is deducted from the store owner's payout from that order. If the shipping charge exceeds the order total processing fails.

If have the flat rate shipping price of $4.50 and a customer places an order with two different vendors, are they charged the flat rate twice? Who would cover this cost?

The marketplace owner would carry this cost. 

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