Getting the right information from your vendors is extremely important. Use this link to Download the CSV file you need for your marketplace vendors. 

Here is the information that you will need from your vendor before using the Elliot Import Tool:

  • A - Product Name
  • B - Product Description
  • C - Product SKUs
  • D - Download URL (optional) - if you are not using a digital product, you can keep this row blank (but do not remove this column or your import will not succeed)
  • E - Gender - what gender is your product meant for. If you have a download, you can use “Unisex.”
  • F-K - Attributes for any product variations. If you do not have variations, leave these columns blank.
  • L-P - Product Image URLs - these links need to be valid and lead directly to the product images. If you do not have images, leave these blank.
  • Q - Base Product Price
  • R - Sales Product Price - this column can be left blank if your product does not have reduced pricing. This field is optional.
  • S - Quantity of your product
  • T - Unite of Weight
  • U - Weight
  • V - Unit of Dimensions
  • W - Height
  • X - Width
  • Y - Length
  • Z - SEO Title - This field is optional
  • AA - SEO Description - This field is optional 
  • AB - Vendor - Wait to fill this out until you have your vendors on the platform
  • AC - Parent SKU - If you have product variations you will need to place their parent SKU (from Column C) in this column

We recommend that you upload the CSV file into your Google Drive and then have the vendors of your marketplace fill out the form for you. This will give you a speedy onboarding process for your marketplace. 

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