Import products into Facebook's Catalog Manager quickly, and without complicated CSV files using Elliot. 

Elliot handles it for you automatically (or automagically!!). 

Follow these steps to get your products from Elliot and into Facebook:

  1. Take your link that was copied to your clipboard from this step (link to it)
  2. Go to your "Facebook Business Manager" portal
  3. Open up the menu and look for the "Assets" header, underneath you will see "Catalogs" click on that
  4. A new dashboard will populate, look to the right for a blue button that says "Create Catalog", click it
  5. Select "E-commerce" when it asks for your business
  6. Select "Upload product info", choose the right page, and then name your catalog, click "Create"
  7. Then click "View Catalog" which will take you to a new admin panel
  8. On the left you will see a menu, look for the "Configure" header, and click on "Product Data Sources", and then on "Add Products"
  9. A selection panel will appear, select "Use Data Feeds" 
  10. Next a new panel will appear, you will name your data source, and select "Set Automatic File Upload Schedule"
  11. Then you will be given an option to Add Data Feed URL, that is where you put the text copied from your clipboard in Step #1
  12. Select the time that you will want Facebook to check your feed
  13. Then click "Start Upload"

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