Easily remove handfuls of products from an Experience without going through each individual Experience.

Here's how to remove them all (or some) at once: 

  1. From the Admin panel, click on the Experiences menu bar 
  2. All of your Experiences will populate the dashboard 
  3. Select an Experience by clicking on the name of it 
  4. A new analytics & performance dashboard will open 
  5. Look to the right of the panel and locate a button titled "View Properties"  
  6. Click on the tab titled "Products" - you will see all of the products in your storefront
  7. Navigate to the products you wish to remove and click the "minus" sign to the right of the product name
  8. Click "Update"

If you have a lot of products in your storefront, use the search bar to locate them inside of the "Experience Properties" box. 

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