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Welcome to Experiences. 

Experiences are the way you bring your products to life and offer them for sale to your community of customers. 

With Experiences you are able to apply custom menus, on-brand Look and Feel designs, and enable a cashless Point of Sale (in case you're IRL and want to sell your goods). 

First things first - here's a quick deep dive on how to take advantage of Experiences:

  1. How to create an Experience
  2. How to bulk-add products to an Experience
  3. How to adjust your packaging throughout your entire Store or for a specific Experience

Experiences allow you to get extremely creative with your storefronts. You can have one that is year-round and one for special holiday occasions. You can have one that is segmented by seasonal products or one for different locations of your customers.

Create unique places for customers with different needs, as well as create Experiences for different holidays or special dates (e.g. Cyber Monday). 

Or heck, create experiences for individual influencers, as many as you want --- no extra cost - and be able to track each individual's impact.

You can even create an Experience for a Marketplace while being tied into the same inventory as your original store (perfect for doing collaborations with other brands)

The options are virtually unlimited.  What will you come up with? 

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