To launch an Experience in Elliot you will need a few things. 

  1. Product(s)
  2. Look & Feel 
  3. Menu (optional)
  4. Creativity 

Now you are ready to launch an Experience.

Follow the next 8-steps, and you will have one up and running in less than 60 seconds, thanks to the power of computers. 

Creating an Elliot Experience 

  1. From your admin panel, click on the menu item "Experiences" 
  2. Then from the Experiences dashboard, click the button "Create Experiences" in the top-right 
  3. Decide on a name for your Experience (if you are doing an A/B test we would recommend you name it something like "XXX-01")
  4. Select the product(s) you want to include in your Experience - any products that are left out will not show up to customers
  5. Next you will add a menu to your Experience. If you want to create custom menus, click here. 
  6. Apply a Look & Feel that will make your experience unique
  7. Decide whether or not you wish to launch a Cashless Point of Sale (curious about this? Click here to learn more)
  8. Click Launch Experience
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