Should I include the cost of shipping within the price?

If you will be offering free shipping to your customers, we would recommend

What shipping services does Elliot use?

Elliot integrates with dozens of carriers around the world to bring you the best shipping rates and last-mile delivery, the best part is that your customers get the benefits of these relationships as well!! 

I'm testing out a checkout out and keep getting a payment failed error

The failed order may be related to your shipping settings.

When free shipping is set, instead of charging the customer, the shipping cost is deducted from the store owner's payout from that order. If the shipping charge exceeds the order total processing fails.


 I created a theme within the Look and Feel builder, where do I assign the design and branding to a checkout?

To assign a theme to your checkouts - go to the Checkouts dashboard and select a checkout you have created. Then click on "View Properties" there will be checkboxes to allow you to attach a Look and Feel to a checkout.


How does shipping and inventory work for the Printify integration?

We collect shipping for you at checkout and deposit it to you as part of your payout. Inventory be a data pass through. 

How do I connect Elliot with other applications?

We have a direct integration with Zapier, opening the Elliot platform up to over 1,000 applications. Click here for access.


How much does Elliot cost? 

Simple...1% for early adopters. 

For marketplaces, is the Stripe when this is split with a vendor are we both charged the fee or is it just us that would cover it?

Only the marketplace owner gets charged the fee.

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