When you upload or create a product in your Catalog, Elliot with automatically (using an internally built machine learning algorithm) assign HS Codes. These codes are what allow Elliot to automatically calculate real-time shipping rates with dozens of carriers around the world.

These HS Codes are what inform your initial Collections. 

However, let's say that you wanted to create custom collections so that you create a more unique experience for your customers.

To add a custom collection you will want to navigate to a specific product and scroll down until you see "product_category_tag_1." 

This field and the two following it (product_category_tag_2 & product_category_tag_3) are where you can adjust how the product is tagged within Elliot. You will want to adjust these by changing the "value" fields to the custom categories as needed.

After adjusting those, head over to Collections and create a new collection one using the "tags" you just created within the Metadata field. It should autocomplete some of your selections and that's how you know it's working.

Now you're ready to create custom collections and menus!!

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