Since announcing Elliot's integration with Printify, we want to make sure sellers on Elliot can easily begin selling with Printing-On-Demand.  

Please note: if you do not follow these steps to bring your store online. Elliot's integration with Printify may not function properly.

Here's what you are going to want to do to connect your store on Printify's platform. 

  1.  Read this piece on how to connect the Printify API to Elliot's API
  2.  After you have created a store name and received your API, click in the top right of your admin panel where it says your store name. 
  3. A drop down will happen and it will say "Manage My Store" it. 
  4. If you have not connected your store yet, there will be a green button that says, "Connect" it. 
  5. After you connect your store within Printify, make sure that all of the products that you want to port into your Elliot store is "Published"
  6.  Head over to the Elliot admin panel > Settings > Advanced > Channel Management > "Sync Stores"
  7. Once you receive a confirmation, then click the import button to the right of the "last synced" dialogue. Once you do, a popup message will appear at the top of your window to that asks you to import the catalog from the store you synced in step #6 
  8. Click the "import" button
  9. Watch us work our magic!
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