Need to create a pop-up store or a unique brand experience with your customers? You will want to use Elliots Cashless Point of Sale (POS) feature.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Upload your product(s) into Elliot using the Catalog
  2. Create a Checkout in the Checkouts menu 
  3. If you are creating a Cashless POS for a specific product in your Catalog, select Payments Page option. If you are creating a landing page for all of the products within your Catalog, select Storefront
  4. Let's assume you want to create a Cashless POS for all of the products within your Catalog - select Storefront.

    Select all of the items then click "Create a storefront with x products."
  5. Check the box for "Would you like to use your QR code in-store with self-checkouts?"
  6. Next you will select for which payments experience you want for your customers - yes/no for Express Self-Checkout.

    Selecting "Yes", means that your customers will automatically be placed within an accelerated payments flow (directly to ApplePay or inputting credit card information).

    Selecting "No", means that your customers will be placed in a traditional payments flow.
  7. Click "Launch Storefront" and watch us work our magic
  8. Once your Storefront is setup - go to the Checkout you created in step #4 and click "Download QR Codes." 
  9. The QR Codes will be sent in a ZIP file directly to the email address registered to the Elliot platform
  10. There you go!! If you want to just generate QR codes for a specific product - go back to Step #3 and select Payments Page option and follow the flow from there.

Need use cases? The Elliot Cashless POS has unlimited ways to create engaging's a few:

  • Pop-up stores 
  • Posters or Billboard advertisement
  • Coffee shops 
  • Technology-powered retailers 
  • Art Galleries
  • Street performers

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