Create a pop-up store or a unique brand experience with your customers using Elliot's Cashless Point of Sale (POS) feature.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Upload your product(s) into Elliot using the Catalog
  2. Navigate to the Experiences Menu from the Admin Panel
  3. Click "Create an Experience"
  4. Name the Experience you wish to create
  5. Next, select the product(s) you want to include in your Cashless POS, then click the "Create an experience with x product" button
  6. Scroll down to "enable cashless point of sale" and click the check-box
  7. A dropdown menu will reveal itself asking if you would like to enable an express checkout. Checking "Yes" gives you a checkout experience that only requires a credit card number, this means that you will create a frictionless checkout for your customers by allowing them to bypass giving you extensive information about themselves, commonly used in in-person pop-up scenarios. 
  8. Click "Launch Experience"
  9. Once your Storefront is setup - go to the Experience you created and click "Download QR Codes." They will be sent in a ZIP file directly to the email address you registered with Elliot. 
  10. There you go!! If you want to just generate QR codes for a specific product - go back to Step #3 and select Payments Page option and follow the flow from there.

The Elliot Cashless POS has unlimited ways to create engaging's a few:

  • Pop-up stores 
  • Posters or Billboard advertisement
  • Coffee shops 
  • Technology-powered retailers 
  • Art Galleries
  • Street performers

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