Before you begin to sell on Elliot, you must add a method in which you would like your brand to be paid per transaction, per day. 

Within the Settings menu option, navigate to the Payouts tab.

You have the option to connect Stripe. To select, turn the toggle to the on position. 

Stripe - Select Stripe by turning the toggle to the on position. You will know this has been selected successfully, as the toggle color will turn green. 

Click on the Connect with Stripe button. In a new window, Stripe will ask if you would like to confirm granting Elliot access to your account. Elliot will have access to your data, can create payments and customers on your behalf. Confirm Elliots access to choose Stripe as your payout method. 

*Note: If you have another Stripe account, ensure you are logged out of that account before trying to connect Elliot to the Elliot Store Business Account. If you are already logged into Stripe, a notice will appear at the top right hand corner asking if you would like to grant access to the email address you are logged in with. If this is not the correct email address, switch users before confirming Elliot’s access. 

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