If you have not yet created a promotion you desire to go live with, revisit how to create a new promotion before continuing these steps. 

  1. From the left menu bar, click into Checkouts. If you have not yet created a product campaign in Elliot, you will not have a Checkout option yet. 
  2. Select which checkout you would like to apply a promotion to. 
  3. You are now viewing the details of that specific campaign. Note, if this campaign has not yet gone live, there will not be any data available here. Do not worry, you will be up and running shortly!
  4. Underneath the name of your campaign, select Edit. 
  5. In the new window pop-up, select Apply a Promotion. 
  6. Enter in the promotion name. Note, this must be entered in exactly the same way you created it in your settings menu. 
  7. Submit changes by clicking Generate and Download. 
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