Lucky, lucky you! Elliot provides brands complementary packing slips, shipping labels and return labels. These are available to you in the single order page, where you can download them within seconds. 

Shoppers want the best possible shipping and final-mile delivery options. Therefore, in the settings page, you can offer your shoppers Free Shipping. Elliot ensures you, as the brand, are always getting the best possible shipping rates, saving both you and your shoppers money! If you do not want to offer Free Shipping, no worries, follow the steps below to set up the best shipping rates available:

  1. From the left menu bar, select Settings. 
  2. Click on Shipping to view the shipping options available. 
  3. To turn off Free Shipping, turn off the toggle. If this is already off, you’re good as money!
  4. If Free Shipping id turned off, you will need to select Add Flat Rate Shipping to your checkout. Elliot will still ensure the shopper has the best rate available to them depending on their location. 
  5. Save your changed by clicking Save Changed in the top right menu bar. 

Please note: When free shipping is set, instead of charging the customer, the shipping cost is deducted from the store owner's payout from that order. If the shipping charge exceeds the order total processing fails.

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