To get started on your checkouts, you must first create a product in Elliot. Each product may exist in one, or several payment pages, and/or storefronts.

For example: your new handbag product launch will have a campaign for SnapChat, Instagram, eMail marketing and an Influencer marketing campaign. Therefore, your one product will have 4 separate checkouts associated.

Now that you have added a product on Elliot, you can create a checkout for your product. 

To create a checkout:

  1. Create a checkout from the checkout list screen, or any product within your catalog.
  2. Add in the checkout detail information, or edit an existing checkout by clicking into one via the checkout list screen, or active checkouts tab within a single product. 
  3. If you have locations enabled, select a shipping location, if there are multiple.
  4. Select your promotion type if you are running a promo.
  5. Add it automatically to a social media channel via an Elliot generated product feed.
  6. Click generate and download to save.

Social media links can be used for tagged product photos, linking directly to your Elliot checkout page. Select which social channels you would like to create a campaign for. Then, click on the product campaigns button to copy the CSV link and paste it into your SnapChat or Facebook product tag-ad. 

Happy selling!

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